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 Desde 20 de março de 1997.



I was born in 1967 in England to a Chinese mother and Malaysian father. Until 1995, I had never set foot on Asian soil. My mother raised me as a single parent and we were isolated from our relatives who, like most Chinese families, are scattered around the world in places like Hong Kong, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. During my teenage years while living in California, my mother and I struggled through many conflicts. In the early 1990's, authors like Amy Tan so eloquently and compassionately wrote of the kinds of experiences I had personally had -- of growing up as an Asian female in western society yet within the more restrictive atmosphere of Chinese home life. I began to acknowledge that the family troubles my mother and I had experienced were attributed to cultural differences more than I had previously understood. This propelled me to investigate my roots further and in 1995, I began a series of pilgrimages to China for purposes of visiting the home of my mother's family, of furthering the study of the Mandarin language, of becoming acquainted with Chinese culture, and finally, of beginning to produce a photographic body of work of the various cultures that exist throughout this immensely diverse country. 



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