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I cant believe I didn't have the strength to say what I feel And because I didn't, I live with a feeling so unreal. I could never find the words to tell you what you meant to me.And now because of my weakness, I doubt we could ever be. Who you are and what you do to me is the only thing that I am living for The love you send me when no one else does, leaves me yearning for more But I am cursed to live with this emptiness because of me And how I couldn't tell you of the love you couldn't see


If you love me, then why won't you deal with this honestly?
I cry so many tears that the oceans of the world couldn't hold them And all the times I've wondered why could over-power the breaths taken everyday Knowing you're with her hurts like a needle being stabbed into my eye But I'm not sure that the pain I could get from the needle could amount to this You're telling me you love me and you care for me and all that love story stuff But if you love me, then why can't you just set her free?
Please darling, don't be surprised the day that I'm pushed too far And you hear from me my last goodbye, my last breath I'll take here on Earth You know how much I need you and I know that you do but you push it aside  See, I have learned that there's nothing I can do to make you feel like I do Because you are the only one who can open your beautiful brown eyes to the reality But if you love me, then why are you trying so hard to keep them shut? I wish I could touch your hand and just once you would look at my soul No matter how hard I try, I can't describe all the feelings running through me There's no words that can speak of this love that I feel for you inside Please, I'm down on my knees and begging for you to just look in my eyes and see me cry That's all it would take for you to see the truth, and I know you'll do it, too If you love me.


Enio 02-02-2001